Last December, after many months of deliberation and assessment, we identified 100 young footballers across the globe that we believed to be the most exciting around.  Born on or after 1/1/92, these boys were on the steepest trajectory at that point.  Things were happening.  You may not have agreed with our choices, but we had valid reason for each and every selection.  One year on, we review The #IBWM100 for 2014.

Over five weeks we assess how 2014 has panned out for each individual, marking the year as we see it.  Remember, it is the year we are reviewing NOT the individual abilities of the player.


A     An outstanding year, possibly trophy laden but a player making a huge impact for club and becoming essential for country.  What more could they have done?

B     An excellent year, rapid development made at club with international recognition nailed or imminent.

C+   A very good year.  Developing and performing better than we had expected with the next twelve months offering great promise.

C     A good year with steady progress made.  A straight line that is the minimum we expect.

C-    A disappointing year.  Progress has been made, but not as we would have hoped.

D     A poor year.  Progress and development have been largely non-existent, and while not off the map completely, this boy isn’t near what we thought he could be.

E     An abysmal year.  Absolutely no real progress made, development stunted and little prospect of anything improving anytime soon.


Agree/disagree? It's all about opinions, feel free to leave comments on each individual article.  You can also catch us on Twitter @inbedwimaradona, be sure to use #IBWM100.


On Wednesday 17 December 2014, we will release our list for the next twelve months; The #IBWM100 for 2015.


We’d like to thank everyone that has been involved in compiling our review, especially Cris, Andrew, Ben, Adam, Rob, Michiel, David, everyone at Opta and Matt, Ben and Louise at JD.