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IBWM hasn’t won multiple awards by accident and we haven’t reached millions of readers in over 150 countries for nothing.  We can’t guarantee that IBWM is the most influential football website on the planet, but we’re definitely in the top one. 

IBWM wants you

We collaborate with over 700 talented writers, authors, journalists and bloggers that contribute regular articles and one-off guest pieces. If you are looking for an outlet, want to break into the industry, raise your profile, or just enjoy writing about football, IBWM is the best place you can be.  No experience is necessary and we don’t need your CV.

What should I write about?

It’s entirely up to you, as long as it is football related, past or present.  Any club, any country, any player, any match, any region, any continent, any era.   Articles should be around 1000 words minimum and we maintain a global outlook which encompasses anything and everything.  The more offbeat, the better.

Will I get paid?

We don't chase hits, we don't chase advertising, everything belongs to the writer, we don't make money, we don't pay.  However many of our writers have received offers of work on the strength of articles they’ve submitted to IBWM.  We’ll link your site, blog, book or twitter on anything published.  If it's what you want then you WILL get noticed.

What do I do next?

Send us an article.  Mail to writers@inbedwithmaradona.com.