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El Tel, Sir Alex and Barca: What if?

Everyone knows the impact that Johan Cruyff had footballing philosophy of Barcelona. But what if there had been another totemic figure present at the Camp Nou? What if El Tel had decided to depart a season early? Alex Dimond, ladies and gentlemen.
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Bojan. Is that it?

When is it reasonable for the next global superstar to be the first name on a teamsheet? Can one goal define a career? Bojan Krkić, still waiting to make that final step up, must be hoping it cannot.  Alex Dimond wonders whether momentum is slowing.

Rossi, Ronaldo, Messi, Villa, soggy omelette

When Sir Alex Ferguson decides to let a young player go, it's unlikely that they will ever reach the  top.  Guiseppe Rossi is still determined to buck that trend.  With the latest on Twitter's favourite Italian American Spanish footballer, plus the rest of La Liga, here's Tim Hill.