IBWM StaffComment


IBWM StaffComment

Newly released football boots in different colourways with a myriad of technological advances are very much standard these days.  A triumphant fanfare and a neatly endorsed set of studs with a highly polished presentation ad from any of the major manufacturers is never far away.  However, one thing is usually consistent in these campaigns: the boots are invariably targeted at men.

There are probably some very supportive statistics to back this up, but we have to tip our cap to adidas for releasing these puppies, specifically targeting the burgeoning women’s game.

While we’re not suggesting for one second our female readers that partake in the beautiful game require anything necessarily ‘girlie’, we still like the look of the adidas adipure 11pro's.

For the technologically minded, the 11pro’s feature highest quality Taurus leather and an ultra-thin ‘Duracoating’ which protects the leather in areas of high abrasion.

A fully engineered, ultra-thin, midfoot ‘360’ anatomically shaped support ‘saddle’ features the famous 3 stripes and adds midfoot stability, and the 11 pro’s are extremely lightweight, the lightest AdiPure yet in fact.  As is often the case with adidas’ boot releases, the 11 pro’s feature MiCoach technology.

……we really like the colour though.