IBWM StaffComment


IBWM StaffComment

Change is a good thing.  We love change at IBWM and fight our natural inclination on a daily basis to smash this website to pieces and put it back together in another form, from another angle.  Things need to be freshened up from time to time; caution should be thrown to the wind, whatever anyone expects you to do, do the opposite.  It’s for these reasons that we really dig the new England kit from Umbro. 

Taking its lead from the St. George’s flag, the new England Home kit, tailored by Umbro, features a patriotic white and red only design.   In a first for the England Home kit, the Three Lions crest, which has previously featured blue and red, appears entirely in red so the strip is a representation of the St. George’s flag in its purest form.

Launching ahead of this summer’s 2012 European Championships, the new Home kit will be worn by the Senior team for the first time on 29 February when the England team take on Holland at Wembley. The England U21 team will also play in the new strip on the same night when they take on Belgium U21s at the Riverside Stadium.

A step too far for some traditionalists maybe, but we love it and the new kit is another example of the combination punches that the Umbro design team are landing these days with new releases.

How will England do at the European Championships?  We’ve got an opinion on that, you’ll not be surprised to hear, and we’ll be going pretty big on Euro 2012 soon.  Stay tuned, like.

The kit will invariably sell in droves, and it deserves to; minimalist design and nicely cut, the new England shirt ticks all our boxes, we’re sold.  You can buy yours directly from Umbro and from Kitbag.