IBWM StaffComment


IBWM StaffComment

Is it that time already?  You bet it is..... 

The 2012 European Championships are JUST around the corner (and if you've got anything about you, you'll keep an eye on this page over the coming weeks), which means a full on attack of viral's and TV ad's for a multitude of different products.

The cynic in us says we mustn't be taking in by big budget marketing, but when someone does a good job, you can only admire their work.  I mean, EVERYONE remembers the Nike 'cage' ad don't they....

There'll be some good stuff surfacing in the coming weeks, but Carlsberg have certainly set the bar very high with their England Fan Academy promo which is hitting TV screens in Angleterre around now.

Des Lynam, Stuart Pearce, Sir Bobby Charlton and Brian Blessed?  Woof!

If YOU see anything good around and about over the coming months, be sure to let us know.