Marcus Marritt’s minimalist illustrations combine 60’s style with a modern color palette, and
it’s no surprise that his art has featured in the Wall Street Journal, Wired, and other
publications of note.

His love of football also shines through his work: he’s illustrated match day programme
covers for Ireland, created an engaging series of visuals for American cult darlings Detroit
City FC, and more recently designed the lead visual for IBWM’s Buenos Aires feature.
Not bad for someone who failed his GCSE in art.

“I only got a D as I was lazy,” Marritt admits. “I didn’t draw or paint again until my mid-20s,
but I quickly regained the love and quit my job as an ad agency account executive to go to
art school.”

After working in ad agencies in Sydney, Christchurch, London, and Birmingham, Marritt
gained the confidence needed to go full-time as a freelancer.

“I am working most of the time; it is what I love doing so my whole life works around that,” he
says. “It is important to take a break from time to time but I get itchy fingers quickly. Other
professional illustrators may clock on and off, but not me.”

IBWM’s commission came at just the right time, as Marritt had been developing a new style
and found Argentine legend Diego Maradona to be the perfect canvas.

“Maradona played slightly before my time, so I have a godly idea of him,” Marritt reflects. “A
figure like no other, godlike and never to be replicated.

“I wanted to reproduce an idea of Maradona amongst the city of Buenos Aires … no facial
details used to capture [his] likeness. It’s about the iconic elements like the No. 10, the
muscular and squat body type, and that great mop of hair of his.”

Marritt, who has lectured on graphic design in the past and is now studying for a Masters
degree, urges young illustrators to find their own path.

“Focus on developing your own style, wholly unique” he says. “Be clear to yourself on what
kind of work you want to do, and work hard on your own projects. You get work by clients
seeing your work and thinking ‘I want our version of that.’

“No matter how busy you are, you alway need to be proactive and feel like you need to push
things forward.”

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In addition to following Marritt on his Instagram, you can put some of his fantastic work on
your wall by ordering a print from his store.