You're going to need an hour, but this is a fantastic film, well worth your attention.

Twiga Stars: Tanzania’s Soccer Sisters is a feature-length documentary by Nisha Ligon. It follows a season in the life of Tanzania’s women’s national football team, affectionately nicknamed the Twiga Stars.

Tanzanian football legend Charles Boniface Mkwasa selects thirty young and talented female footballers to come together as the national women’s football team and prepare as a guest side for the West African Football Tournament, which will include world powerhouses of Nigeria and Ghana. The film follows the Twiga Stars through the gruel of intensive training, the heartbreak of team cuts, and the tragedies of life that strike along the way… but through it all one theme resounds: an undying love for the game of football.

The Twiga Stars are not just a team. They are family, and together they fight to prove wanawake wanaweza (meaning “women are capable”) and earn the support and attention of their football crazy nation. Though the setbacks are many, the Twiga Stars keep on playing and smiling, and together they achieve what no one could have expected. Twiga Stars: Tanzania’s Soccer Sisters provides an intimate, energetic and uplifting portrait of young women trying to make it as footballers in one of the poorest countries in the world.

You can read more about the Twiga Stars here.

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AuthorIBWM Staff