"...Toy Story? Again? Why don't we watch something different tonight kid..."

The good ship IBWM is steered over these football filled waters by a crew of five, all of whom have had to pass the same stringent entrance exam - can you recreate at least three quarters of 'Escape to Victory' using only a football, a block of wood, Sir Michael Caine (big fan of the site) and a life-size cardboard cutout of Ossie Ardiles?

So now you know we love a bit of football on film (anything starring Sean Bean aside) you can only speculate at just how excited we are by this. 'Metegol' is a 3D CGI animated film about the adventures of a table football team torn apart and the boy who wants to bring them all together again to take on 'The Champ'.

Due for release next year it now has European distributors (which more than likely means an English language version as well judging by the 'Foosball' video below) and for those of you with children, this may well prove a viable alternative to watching something by Pixar with animals or insects or a man in a hot-air balloon or a bloody desk lamp or a rat-chef or fish or cars in it for 357th time.

The first video is the teaser trailer and we'll keep you posted as and when a full one emerges, the second is a short news report explaining a little more about the film's creator and potential distribution. The third video is the English language dub of the teaser trailer which we are including to cover all bases but are praying is what we'll charitably call 'a first attempt' voice wise...



AuthorDavid Hartrick