How can you not love the man and today (July 27th) is his birthday

Seriously, everyone knows about the free-kicks and penalties but he was also an exceptional goalkeeper - prove it in one nifty 34 second video you say? Here he is dealing with a free-kick from Maradona:

Three times voted best goalkeeper in the world in the 90s by the IFFHS, South American footballer of the year in 1996 ahead of Enzo Francescoli in second and Carlos Valderrama and Ariel Ortega in joint third, he was a wonderful player as well as a true character. Chilavert scored goals but never neglected the day job, he was the ultimate all-rounder you might say, in love with a game that loved him right back.

We've picked this video below as you get the saves as well as the goals, ignore the soundtrack unless of course you like Aerosmith, which you don't because you have ears that work normally.


AuthorDavid Hartrick