The baker's son from Botnang done good

On the occasion of his birthday today we thought we would give you a little bit of Klinsmann at his best. We could have chosen one of the many compilations of goals scored for Germany, we could have gone with his time with Spurs and in particular that video of his goals set to 'Gertcha' by Chas and Dave, but as good as that would have been we went with this.

Hunted down by the peerless John Dobson who has a nose as good as any when it comes to YouTube, this is a short video of Klinsmann during his three seasons with Inter. He was enormously popular during his time there and as you'll see from the video, to quote a cliche he scored all types of goals. 

So 'Happy Birthday!' to one of Germany's greatest ever and when you consider the pedigree, that's quite some boast.

AuthorDavid Hartrick