"...I've always thought the training 'ere was a lot better than what I 'ad down Torquay..." - Lee Sharpe.

These days brand Man Utd is a well-oiled machine but once, Alex Ferguson was even involved in the drama of a lost shirt. 

This 45 minute documentary style look at life behind the scenes at Old Trafford in 1989 is a fascinating peak at a club that had yet to become a financial monster. While the likes of Robson, Hughes and Sharpe are all present and correct, you'll also see the likes of Blackmore, Beardsmore, Robins and Leighton, and you'll also get a glimpse at a very different but just as driven Fergie.  

Split into three 15-minute chunks, whether you're a fan of the club or not you'll enjoy this time-capsule of pre-Premier League football. Communal baths, several pints after a game, training in normal kit rather than belts that are busy measuring this and that, BBC Micro computers, the exciting signing of Mike Phelan, wage slips with complimentary tickets attached, charity garden fetes - this is a world without sports scientists or marketing managers.

The badge remains the same but this was a very different Manchester United.

AuthorDavid Hartrick