9 goals, a great comeback, John Barnes in his Liverpool pomp - what more do you want?

Sometimes we post videos to celebrate great players, sometimes a great goal or even a great goalkeeper, sometimes though we just want to bring you a great match you may have forgotten about.

So here we give you exactly that, a pre-Premier League stormer, Liverpool racing into a four goal lead but Leeds refusing to die quietly. Sit back and enjoy 15 minutes with everything from John Barnes pulling the strings to David Batty tackling like only David Batty could.

The teams for that day were as follows:

Leeds Utd: Lukic, Sterland, Whitlow, Batty, Fairclough, Whyte, Strachan, Shutt, Chapman, McAllister, Speed

Liverpool: Hooper, Hysen, Staunton, Nicol, Molby, Burrows, Beardsley, Houghton, Rush, Barnes, Speedie

AuthorDavid Hartrick