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Alessandro Florenzi     22     Midfielder     AS Roma     Italy

2013 has been...

Lovely stuff. A player with a huge reputation at youth level to live up to, he ends the year having nicely settled into the Roma match-day squad and recently the starting eleven.

It’s fair to say he’s still used reasonably cautiously, at the time of writing in his thirteen first team appearances this season (all but two as a starter) he’s yet to complete a full ninety minutes, but that shouldn’t be taken as anything other than a message his club wants to keep him fit and in form over the course of a long year. He’s already contributed four goals and an assist this time around, put in a man-of-the-match performance against Bologna in September, scored for the full international side in the World Cup qualifier against Armenia and been an energetic, skillful player who contributes enormously at both ends of the pitch.

He’s blossoming in a team that have enjoyed a blistering start to the year and having gone under the radar for most of his career, you can be sure that’s no longer the case. Capable as a central midfielder, traditional winger, wide in a front three or a central striker, his versatility and willingness will make him a popular choice from many a manager. At the moment he tends to play as a wide attacking midfielder (shall we use the phrase inverted-winger?) and he’s certainly enjoying himself. A really good twelve months with an excellent start to this season in the bag, he’s making it look easy at the minute

What next?

At the moment he remains somewhat of a surprise package, one of many of Roma’s assorted attacking talents, but he will find over the next twelve months he will be planned for and marked accordingly. Adjustment will be required but we’ve seen nothing to suggest he won’t adapt and overcome. His willingness to learn is evident and he’s a natural when asked to move his position anyway, so we can’t help but think there are big things to come.

Four caps and one goal into his international career he seems to have already carved a niche for himself in the Italy squad. The aforementioned versatility and ability to adapt will make him a really useful member of any tournament squad and if he keeps his form up he will hopefully stay there all the way to Brazil in the summer. Competition for midfield places is high but he’s in there on merit, we hope the pressure of sustaining his good start doesn’t start to tell.

So we have a really good player and somewhat of an IBWM house favourite. He’s at the right club, one he loves and one that loves him right back, and we can’t help but think the stars are aligning for a big future. Tidy, composed, dedicated, good on the ball and chipping in with goals - right now how many clubs would kill for just this type of player? We’ll keep watching and hopefully he’ll keep making us smile.

“For the Italy U-21's it was Insigne or Verratti. For Roma it's Rudi Garcia, De Rossi & Totti, yet Florenzi could be one of Italy's best kept secrets. Tireless, capable of playing midfield or attack, a decent passer & a solid defender. Simone Perrotta for the next generation?”Adam Digby, ESPN

"Alessandro Florenzi has scored three times in three Serie A appearances against Bologna." - Opta

C+     Great to watch, huge heart and masses of talent to back it up, can he make that World Cup squad?