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Alphonse Aréola

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22     Goalkeeper     Villarreal (on loan from PSG)     France



It’s often difficult as a young goalkeeper to stand out and at a big club where every match means something to one or both teams, it can be impossible to get a run of games. Will Aréola get his chance at PSG to become their number one? Impossible to say, but should he get it? If he keeps progressing as he has been, yes, yes he should.


2015 has been…

…decent and we’re sure bigger things are ahead.

We try to avoid comparisons when we do these reports but it’s impossible to talk about Aréola and not think about two other goalkeepers, David de Gea and Thibaut Courtois, for varying reasons.

Firstly his career path does seem to be on a similar line to Belgium’s current first choice keeper. Signed to a huge club he’s had to go out on loan to get first team football, but to clubs where he will get it over the course of a full season. Courtois went to Atlético for two years and grew into a keeper Chelsea were sure would thrive in the Premier League, and Aréola may be on his third club for a full season loan-wise, but each has represented a step up and each has proved to be a steady learning curve.

Secondly, it’s undeniable that like de Gea when he moved to Manchester United he’s going to need to get a little stronger to play at the highest level. Physicality will come with age but his move to La Liga for the year will help. Just as de Gea learned how to deal with the Premier League’s sharpened elbows, so in time will Aréola be able to cope with top-level football’s crowds.

Everywhere he’s been he’s impressed and this year has been no different. We’re excited to see him in Spain over the course of the season and the recent call up to the full French squad, having represented his national side at every available level below, is a sure sign there are long-term plans around this young man.


What's next?

More of the same - experience, growth, and maturity. He’s already a very good goalkeeper and he looks set to become an excellent one. We hope he’ll get a chance at PSG, if he doesn’t there are plenty who would love to have him. He seems to be on the right path, we just hope next year doesn’t slip away to another loan when it’s time he staked a claim somewhere.

Internationally he has Lloris and Mandanda to catch but age is on his side. Another year to develop then it’s time to sit down with his employers and have a frank conversation. If given a chance he has to take it, also has to be brave enough to realise that if it isn’t there it’s time to go somewhere else permanently.


C+     Really good foundation, the next step is to be the long-term first choice at PSG or somewhere else


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