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Paul Pogba

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22     Midfielder     Juventus     France



You Make Loving Fun (Lyrics by Christine McVie, performed by Fleetwood Mac)

Sweet wonderful you,

You make me happy with the things you do,

Oh, can it be so,

This feeling follows me wherever I go.

I never did believe in miracles,

But I've a feeling it's time to try.

I never did believe in the ways of magic,

But I'm beginning to wonder why


Don't, don't break the spell,

It would be different and you know it will,

You, you make loving fun,

And I don't have to tell you but you're the only one


Think that just about covers it.


2015 has been…


If anyone had any last lingering doubts, they must now be gone. Last year was an A-star-star year, this year ‘merely’ an A, but Paul Pogba is by some way the best young footballer in the world as things stand, and we’re thoroughly depressed he’s now too old for the 100. We’ll just have to watch him for fun instead.

This year’s list of achievements (despite a couple of injuries) run thus; another Serie A winner’s medal, Coppa Italia winner, Supercoppa winner, Champions League runner-up, awarded Juve’s much coveted number ten shirt for this season, played in his 100th Serie A appearance at the age of just 22, named in UEFA’s Team of the Year and shortlisted for UEFA’s Best Player in Europe award. That’ll do on paper but in reality? He’s provided more genuine off the seat moments (such as his part in the goal against Milan in November, or the ball to Mario Mandzukic in the away game against Man City, or his goal against Torino, or the scoop against Monchengladbach that brought the equalizer, or the Vined-to-death drag and backheel against Man City in Turin, or… in fact we better stop or we’ll be here all day) than anyone else on this list.

Pogba continues to set standards. In 2013 we said he was “perhaps the most complete player on this list” and gave him an A. In 2014 we said that while he had progressed massively and ticked nearly everything he could off the list, to keep the A we gave him he had to drive Juve to the Champions League last four. This year he gets another A and becomes the first player to have got top marks for every year he’s appeared in the 100. Sky’s the limit? There is no limit.


What's next?

His long stated ambition to be the best player in the world is almost impossible to fulfill while Mr. Messi refuses to fade, but he has more than a fair chance of making it eventually. Speaking of Messi, the Barca rumours are as strong as ever and this summer, Euros aside, feel like the moment where he could make his big move. Every club in world football who can afford him want him, Juve have already knocked them all back. Wherever he ends up the fee is going to be astronomical and the pressure huge. Somehow, we think he’ll cope.

Looking back over the 100 since we began he’s in bracket with Hazard and Neymar as genuinely finding himself in the top 2% of world footballing talent at such a young age. We often talk of potential here, Paul Pogba is outstanding now and if he keeps getting better? Frightening.


A     Good job he’s now too old for next year’s 100 as we’ve all but run out of words for him


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