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Anwar El Ghazi

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20     Midfielder     Ajax     Netherlands



In a word: exciting. Having written these reports for a few years you start to notice things as you watch players throughout the year. One of the biggest is the divide between those for whom their talent comes naturally and others who it’s clear are working constantly on their craft. Both camps are equally loved at IBWM Towers but it’s fair to say Anwar El Ghazi is very much a natural at this. Give us a talented young player who loves running at people, scores goals and plays with a smile, then put them in an Ajax shirt and yeah, we’ll watch that for as long as you want us to.


2015 has been…

…really good, progress and recognition, this is a young man who is going places.

We often make the point that versatility is both a boon and a curse for young players who often struggle for consistency as they’re shifted from position to position on the pitch. This year we’ve watched Anwar El Ghazi play on the left, on the right, through the middle, behind a striker and as a more traditional winger (sometimes all in the same game) and been incredibly impressed throughout.

We’ll put it out there; we’re a little bit in love. This is comfortably one of the most watchable footballers on this list and this year has been a pleasure. He scores some wonderful goals, he regularly leaves one, two, or three players in a heap behind him and he seems to enjoy himself. He’s also curbed his youthful selfish instincts to impress by hogging the ball and contributed some great assists, really maturing and starting the season in great form.

Voted Ajax’s Young Player of the Year and currently tearing it up, if he carries on like this he’ll end next year a household name across Europe. If you haven’t had the chance to watch him yet, consider this IBWM telling you to do so immediately.


What’s next?

Transfer rumours are everywhere as a) this is a really talented young footballer in great form and b) compared to some of his peers he would be relatively affordable. Jurgen Klopp’s a fan, he’s been watched by most of the Premier League but we can’t see anything happen in January unless silly money was offered by someone. We hope he doesn’t move in truth as he’s coming along brilliantly where he is.

He’s also now in the national side, advised to pick Holland over Morocco by no less than Cristiano Ronaldo. Holland are currently in a transitional stage, a changing of the guard, but El Ghazi is very much one of the new breed. The directness of his play is a joy to watch and we hope he doesn’t lose that or go to a club where it’s trained out of him (mentioning no Memphis Depay names). A really positive 12 months with every indication there’s another good year ahead, we’re hooked.


B     Not quite an A but not far off, if he keeps this up it’ll be tough not to give him top marks next time


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