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Emre Tasdemir

IBWM StaffComment
Emre Tasdemir

Emre Tasdemir     21     Defender     Bursaspor     Turkey



Attacking left-back with ambitions to be a winger. Loves pushing on, not as happy defending and can leave a huge hole behind him at times. Very exciting but partly because you never know what he’s going to do next, good or bad. We have a soft spot for players whose enthusiasm knows no bounds, welcome to that club, Emre.


2016 has been…

…good to a point but completely curtailed by injury.

At the time of writing Emre Tasdemir is just starting his season after a torn ankle ligament in April ruined his year. It’s a great shame because we were enjoying watching this young player last year and it makes this year a grade C as there’s little evidence we can point to to go higher or lower.

So in terms solely of 2016 the year’s been a bit of a bust. He was injured in January and missed a game, then was out for 3 weeks in February, then came the big one and he’s only now back in the first team finding his feet again. A shame, but we have no great concerns longer term.


What’s next?

Recovery, that and only that is the focus from here to the end of the season. His form will take a little time, just needs to concentrate on that and get back into the international side.

Where you have a player as lively as this the transfer rumours will come. He seems happy and a year out means he owes Bursapor some time, so we’ll see in a year or two. This is a player who, at his best, comes with a crash, bang, wallop.

We’re hoping he can put that injury firmly in the rear view mirror and have a far happier 2017.


C     Concentrate on getting back to where you were and it’ll all be fine


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