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Víctor Camarasa

IBWM StaffComment
Víctor Camarasa

Victor Camarasa    22    Midfielder    Deportivo Alaves (on loan from Levante)    Spain



Jack of all trades; master of none comes to mind when we watch Victor Camarasa. He’s a pretty solid midfielder and can chip in at both ends of the pitch but doesn’t really excel at either. There isn’t a skill that he can hang his hat on.

Neat and tidy player and most naturally a holding midfielder, Camarasa has been used in a few positions around midfield. He doesn’t produce enough goals – either by scoring or providing assists – to play in an advanced space for a prolonged period of time, and while his defensive work is decent he doesn’t have the discipline or concentration to be relied upon.


2016 has been…

There is something about Victor Camarasa that we couldn’t quite put our finger on when we watched him. He did all the basics well two years ago when he was touted as a really exciting player and had his name linked with some of the best clubs in world football. 

Since then he hasn’t really kicked on and is pretty much the same player that he was at the beginning of 2015. Thankfully beIN Sports’ David Cartlidge was hand to tell us why: “With Camarasa his attitude let him down a bit. Levante needed him to step up and he didn’t, instead he was seeking a move away rather than focusing on playing. This continued over the summer and rather than heading for a Sevilla or Valencia, he ended up at a promoted side.”

Had Camarasa kept his head down, focused on his football and then let the rest take care of itself he’d be somewhere else right now that Alaves. He might not have single-handedly been able to keep Levante in the Spanish top flight but his suitors would have been more than impressive than the recently promoted side. 


What’s next?

He needs a word in his ear. Someone needs to ensure he focuses himself on his football and let the transfer moves happen as a result of his performances. Victor isn’t perhaps throwing away natural talent to the same extent as someone like Ravel Morrison has done previously, but if he stays on his current trajectory he can only look forward to a career as a solid professional.

That isn’t a career to be sniffed at; but with the original promise of much more – it is a little disappointing.

Even if Levante orchestrate an immediate return to the top flight for 2017/18, Camarasa doesn’t want to be part of that squad. He won’t relish another season at the wrong end of the table – even if Alaves are so far keeping their noses dry so far this term.


C-    An adequate footballer who might still be more


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