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Guilherme Arana

IBWM StaffComment
Guilherme Arana

Defender | Sevilla | Brazil


Brazilian full-backs just cannot help themselves when it comes to bombing forward with attacking intent, and Guilherme Arana is no exception to the rule. If Arana is afforded ample space and time, he will have his penalty-area bound teammates licking their lips at the prospect of connecting with one of his sumptuous crosses.

Not only does Arana love to stride forward into the final-third, he loves to embrace the flamboyance and swagger of the Brazilian samba style. Don’t leave your legs open if Arana is around because he will pop it through and satisfy a desire based purely on vanity.

What we’re interested in, however, is how effective these 100 wonderkids are on the field of play. If we were judging effectiveness by merely tallying up nutmegs then Arana would be awarded a chart-topping A+, but that’s not how this game works.

How many times have we seen a player who has the potential to become brilliant but faded into obscurity? Well, Arana could be yet another example of wasted talent.

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2018 has been…

Incredibly underwhelming. The year started in the manner which most Brazilian youngsters dream of with a move to La Liga to join Sevilla. Promises of a fresh start, European football and financial prosperity beckoned for Arana, but the fairytale story is far from reaching fruition.

He has managed to score one goal and provide three assists this year, all of which have arrived in Europa League qualifying and the group stages. Fortunately for Arana, who is lacking the defensive nous to start in a traditional back-four set up, Sevilla operate with wing-backs in a 3-4-3 system, providing him with some much needed protection.

Initially, Arana found himself on the fringes of the first-team squad and barely got a kick in the first six months of his time in Spain, but he was afforded an opportunity in Sergio Escudero’s absence earlier this season.

Escudero has since returned and Arana finds himself twiddling his thumbs on the bench once again.

What next?

One thing is clear: Arana will not break into Sevilla’s first-team without a fight. Is he up for it? He is not quite laid out on the deck just yet but he has not started his career in Spain with the type of conviction you would expect from a future superstar.

It’s too early to discuss loan moves but he may want to take a quick glimpse at the success Kenedy has enjoyed on loan at Newcastle. Taking the step down to one of La Liga’s relegation-threatened clubs might just provide him with the kind of environment in which his luxury can be viewed as advantageous rather than disruptive.

Richarlison and Gabriel Jesus have successfully made the transition from South American football to European football, so why can’t Arana?

He has the ability to become a success but serious doubts persist over his professionalism and attitude.