John DobsonComment


John DobsonComment

Sometimes it's hard to find something original to say about a record. So for this one, we turned it over to the artist. Andy Le Gresley is Moth Effect and he took the time to answer some of our inane questions.

You're based in Sussex, which to this northerner basically means Brighton. What's the electronic music scene like down there?
Well, I’m up the road from Brighton, so am a bit out of touch with what’s going on there at the moment.  Also, after finishing Crocodilians, I’ve got straight into making the next album.  So, when I get a bit of time, you’ll mainly find me stuck in front of a laptop and fiddling with guitar pedals and synths.  
I’ve recently been enjoying Fumeca Preta (who have Brighton connections I think.)  They do a nice line in garagey fuzz and spacey sounds.  

Look Nicely is the first track we've heard from the album. Is it representative of the rest of the LP?
It’s probably the most up-beat tune, but it should give you a good hint about what to expect from the other tracks.  I’m a sucker for spacey noises and oscillations, so, like Look Nicely, the whole album’s got a fair amount of warped little bits on it.  But, I like to make sure each track has a groove and a tune that tries stick in your head. 
There’s a couple of heavier tracks on the album and it also gets quite mellow and ambient in places.  It all ends up drifting off into the ether at the end.
You can stream the whole album here on Soundcloud at the moment.  Have a listen!

Who are your influences and how is that reflected in your sound?
Tonnes of stuff really.  The more psychedelic end of the ‘60s, '70s space and Kraut-rock and I’ve always got time for ‘70s New Wave, like Pere Ubu or early Devo.  The guitar and drums sounds on those records are great.   I finished Crocodilians about a year ago, and I think I was listening to bands like Pye Corner Audio, To Rococo Rot and Oneida at that time.  
As well as that, I’ve been into rap and electronic music for a long time.  So I suppose the typical Moth track will have some kind of quite repetitive rhythm loop with some flanged and filtery, New Wavey, Krauty, spacey bits sprinkled on top.
At the moment, I’m sort of alternating between stoner rock and hip hop podcasts.  Probably not a good combination for the next album…

A bit of elementary googling shows that the term 'moth effect' relates to the phenomenon of drivers being drawn towards flashing lights and resulting in accidents. Is this how we should see your music - the beats and breaks substituting for the flashing lights, but drawing us in without us realising?
It’s a good theory.  I remember hearing the phrase a while back and it stuck in my head so I ended up using it for the project.  Looking back on it, I think it fits pretty well.  As hard as I try, the tunes I make always seem to end up having a slightly spooky undertone, so perhaps it is the moth effect poking through.  I also like moths and effects.  

Any live shows you wish to plug before we finish?
I’m working on it at the moment.  Should be a bit rawer with lots of fuzz and oscillation.  Watch this space…

Cheers to Andy for his time. Crocodilians is out on March 30 and you can get your order in now at Sunstone Records. Give Andy a follow on Twitter @moth_effect