Located on Petřín Hill, right next to Stadion Evžena Rošického, the Strahov Stadium in Prague was once the biggest sporting venue in the world.   

The original stadium dates from the first Czech Republic between the First and Second World Wars and served as a venue for Sokol displays of synchronized gymnastics on a massive scale. Able to accommodate around 250,000 spectators, Strahov was also used to host mass rallies and events, known as Spartakiads, during the communist era.

Utilised regularly as a venue for rock concerts at the end of the twentieth century, today it serves only as a training centre for Sparta Prague.

Awaiting a reason to recapture her opulent magnificence, Strahov has fallen into a state of disrepair, which makes this iconic venue all the more photogenic.

We’re pleased to report that Jens from the (outstanding) Uber Football blog took his camera along to Strahov recently and took a set of wonderfully atmospheric pictures which offer an indication of the scale of this impressive arena. 

You can see Jens’ photographs in our Strahov gallery.