IBWM StaffComment


IBWM StaffComment

And another! This is the new Nike kit that Portugal will be wearing at Euro 2012.

Sticking with the classic design and featuring an all red body with a green crew neck collar augmented with symbols from the country’s seafaring history.

On the sleeves are green crosses formed from thin stripes, with the horizontal lines extending around the entire cuff, to represent the revered Portuguese national symbol, which was emblazoned on the sails of the ships Portugal’s explorers navigated around the world. Discovering ‘new worlds’ has never been a problem to the Portuguese, but tracking down a half decent striker has proved a lot more difficult.

Inside the neck is an Armillary Sphere, an astronomical and navigation instrument, which these explorers used to discover the world. It has been a national symbol for over 500 years, featuring in architecture, and most famously as the background to the Portuguese shield on the national flag.

You can get yours here.