IBWM StaffComment


IBWM StaffComment

It was never going to be easy to follow the 2011 title winning season, and with Cabaye, Sow and now Hazard out of the door, Lille fans might consider that their brief moment in the sun is over…

However there is still good reason to be optimistic.  As they prepare to move to a magnificent new stadium and look forward to another strong season at home and in Europe, Lille OSC have unveiled their new football kits, Tailored by Umbro.

For the new ad campaign, some of the Lille players are pictured with a dog, the symbol of LOSC because of its strength, fighting spirit and elegance. Elsewhere, different groups that represent the community of LOSC fans are pictured with the new shirts. Ballerinas from the Opera de Lille, construction workers from the club's new stadium and young players in the club's gym are all part of Umbro’s celebration of Lille's community and how it ties the club together.

To celebrate the new kits and the community of Lille that has inspired them, Umbro and LOSC are also launching an exciting opportunity to interact with the club. Fans are being invited to enter a competition to win tickets for the opening event at the club's new stadium, tying them into the fabric of Lille and celebrating the special connection between fans and the team.  Keep an eye on the Umbro blog for more information.

The Lille OSC home shirt is on sale at Umbro.com