IBWM StaffComment


IBWM StaffComment

Newly introduced into the market, Mizuno have launched the latest edition of the prestigious Mizuno Morelia football boot range – the Morelia Neo MD.

As part of Mizuno’s new Seiei collection the boot will be worn by their ‘Seiei’ (Japanese for elite) ambassador Brazilian Givanildo Vieira de Souza (aka Hulk). The campaign shares the synergy between Mizuno products and the athletes own unique sporting moments.

The boot is constructed using lightweight kangaroo leather at the vamp which shapes to your foot giving an excellent feel and touch on the ball.  A shortened tongue and lighter heel tab further contribute to the Neo’s reputation as one of the lightest leather boots entering the football market.

Other highlights of the Morelia Neo MD are the 13 specifically positioned PU studs in place to reduce stud pressure and offer excellent foot holding, traction and comfort as well as the Dual Injected Outsole which was designed to give great support and stability in the heel whilst a softer and more flexible forefoot gives the player spring  to accelerate.

The dominant purple colourway of the Seiei collection is historically associated with first rank members of Japanese society – providing Mizuno with a befitting colour to associate with the elite status of their athletes. The more luminescence yellow meanwhile represents energy in Japanese culture and will express the energy radiated by Mizuno’s elite athletes in competition this summer.