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IBWM StaffComment


Are you ready for this?  glove glu.

The sticky spray can be applied to the glove surface at any time during a game to improve the grip between a keeper’s and the ball.  The manufacturers promise that glove glu’s unique formula enhances the traction between a glove’s surface and football without attracting dirt. It is effective in dry and wet conditions - particularly when handling a slippery ball. 

The product launched in summer 2012 after 12 months of development including testing by professional goalkeepers.

Boaz Myhill, who has played in the Europa League for Birmingham City and Premier League for Hull City and West Bromwich Albion, said:

 “glove glu is ideal for making your older gloves last longer. It is great in the wet. I didn’t expect it to work so well in the rain!”

Jamie Langfield, who has made over 250 appearances for Aberdeen, said:

 “glove glu is really good. It comes into its own in wet conditions. I’ve used it with Uhlsport Fangmaschine gloves and the Scottish Premier League Mitre Tensile matchball.”

West Ham United Academy goalkeeping coach Jerome John said: “glove glu works well. I think I could wear Marigold washing up gloves with it.”

Professionals and amateur keepers can pick up glove glu, priced £9.99, from www.prodirectsoccer.com