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Luke Taylor2 Comments

Guerrilla FC is a club founded in the capital of the United States of America, Washington D.C. The overarching culture of the capital is drowned in government and politics. The name Guerrilla derives from the definition of smaller independent groups seeking cultural revolution.

An American team, yes, but one that refuses to call itself a 'soccer' team. Direct from their website, they state:

"Because we are a football club. We don't play soccer. Soccer is pay to play. Soccer is orange slices and minivans. Soccer is the suburbs. Soccer is MLS, post-season playoffs, and athletes over artists.

Football has history, atmosphere, environment, and culture. 

We are the misunderstood artists. The pitch is our canvas, our feet the paintbrushes."

This team is one that shows a true reason as to how football can be so powerful. A blank canvas for those who want to express themselves. They urge a passionate and creative atmosphere on and off the pitch. An attacking based style of play with an emphasis on creativity. A team that is filled with individual expression and "nutmegs are not encouraged - they are necessary". 

Off the pitch, Guerrilla FC is filled with world culture with flavours from South America, Europe, Africa and further bringing an international feel to the side. 

The new kit explains their values as a club with them being founded deep in the art of Washington D.C, a city with a weak football culture alongside heavy political influence. 

The kit captures the essence of the values of the club with the greyscale camouflage speaking of their mission as Guerrilla. 

The front of the kit says 'ICI c'est la jungle' which stands for 'this is the jungle'. This and the Arabic word for 'create', which is on the right sleeve, highlights their international flavour and is a subversion against the current political climate. 

The left sleeve features an outline of Washington itself alongside three stars that have been taken from the city's flag. The colour scheme (pink, gold, white and greyscale camo), the unique font and number alignment is an ode to the fashion influence around the club and the game itself. The kit has been created with the objective of allowing people to wear the kit off the pitch and on it. 

Macron was chosen as the it manufacture due to them being an up and coming brand, just like Guerrilla themselves. Alongside this, Macron create some wonderful, fashionable kits already such as Sporting Club De Portugal and Napoli. 

A big shoutout to Carine Mechref for taking the lead design role with input from the Guerrilla co-founders Justin Salhani and Julian Forte. 

The club decided against names on the back of the shirt as an ode to their Guerrilla image. A beautiful kit made to fit a team with a wonderful identity. 

The kit has been released now, check out and follow them on Twitter here and Instagram here