Nike has revealed the latest edition of their Tiempo silo. This is the Tiempo Legend 7. Just like professional players, Nike Tiempo's have the 'reputation for making exceptional look easy'. 

Normally a leather-based boot, Nike has integrated Flyknit for a more dynamic fit and improved lockdown. The boot is 22% lighter than previous versions and has improved comfort. 

Flyknit runs through the midfoot and encases Flywire cables that can be adjusted based on the wearer's preference. Lofted Flyknit is also used on the tongue area to provide a cushioned area on the top of the foot. 

“Fit-Mesh is woven to act like a Chinese finger trap. The more pressure you apply, the tighter it holds” says Nike Football Designer Vianney de Montgolfier. “It is a floating lining attached to the raised bite line of the boot, not the leather. It helps contain your foot so the leather doesn’t have to.”

With Fit-Mesh offering enhanced stability, Nike leveraged a soft, seamless leather throughout the forefoot. The leather is fused with a thin foam to improve control of the ball. 

The Tiempo Legend 7 sees the debut of the Nike Hyperstability plate which is designed for movements in multiple directions and has shaved off 60 grams from the boot's weight. The soleplate features a mixture of jagged conical studs, chevrons and blades. 

The Tiempo Legend 7 will be available July 10 on nike.com.