When he's not recalling obscure sports shoe facts, Neal Heard does the same thing but about football shirts. The cool kit cat wrote last year's A Lover's Guide to Football Shirts and here, he chooses his favourite five Premier League outfits.

Man Utd Away 1993-95 - 'The Cantona Black'.

One of the poorest decisions ushered in with the new all singing dancing Premier League, was the abandonment of the rule allowing only the referee to wear black. One benefit was, Savvy and ever boundary-pushing Umbro allowed Man Utd to become the first team to spot the potential of a black shirt, and for me, it's a beauty. Finished with Golden Yellow details the team looked dead hard, and Cantona totally got into the spirit of the shirt whilst he wore it in the infamous Kung Fu incident.

Newcastle Utd Away 1993-95 - 'The Grandad Collar kit'

I just love this shirt, adidas ran out in a shirt which was a nod to their early days when Newcastle West End wore a similar styled shirt before they joined East End to create UTD - The colours are unusual, but the authentic use of the original Granddad style collar was a master stroke, and finished with button down front placket, it's a class act.

Arsenal 1994-95 Away – 'Nice Nike'

It's seems odd to think now, but Nike have not long been a site to behold in the Football shirt arena, (actually Sunderland were their first sponsored side in 83) but the company really entered the big time kit wise, when they broke the 8 year stranglehold adidas had over Arsenal. Like most newcomers, they shook things up, the Nike logo was placed steangely but coolly up the chest and I love the shadow lightning chevrons and use of Blue on Blue - (spoilt by the gothic writing on the rear).

Chelsea 2015-16 Away

This shirt has slipped under the radar to most, lost in the chaos of multi shirt offerings from all and sundry brands and teams. But for me this is a work of pure class. The adidas White away is finished with a Tricolor of Red and Blue on the sleeves for a fresh look and feel. I even think it's an instance when the sponsor fits a shirt, and Yokhama tyre looks bang tidy!

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