IBWM Staff4 Comments


IBWM Staff4 Comments

Just saying....

Clearly, it’s been a bit of a vintage year for IBWM. The last thing we want to do is gobble ourselves up in a slobbering, self indulgent sycophantic mess, but we’d be pretty half arsed if we didn’t acknowledge everyone that has been involved and say thanks to you for reading.

Over the last seven days IBWM has scooped a NOPA for best blog and also received a When Saturday Comes gold award. These accolades mean a great deal to us and we are far more thrilled to accept them than we can possibly convey here.

We read *dozens* of blogs each and every day and to have been mentioned in the same company as the websites that we have is a real honour. We’re elated to be in such good company and absolutely delighted to see such a diverse range of quality writing on the internet from so many outlets. 

Although there are three of us that push buttons and operate IBWM’s many pedals in the background, it is the content that has delivered this year and we have only played a small part in that.

So, to the writers, artists, photographers, video makers, podcasters and everyone else that has collaborated and been involved with IBWM during 2011, these awards are as much yours as they are ours so well done and thanks for sharing; you’ve informed and really enlightened us.

IBWM remains 100% independent and a stage for everyone. If you’d like to join in, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. Our door is always open and an audience awaits.

Thanks for being with us, best wishes and the very best of luck for 2012.