IBWM StaffComment


IBWM StaffComment

This doesn't smack of desperation at all does it?

Feature articles.  That’s what we do.  But then, you knew that already.  IBWM has been ‘carefully’ designed so that you can read our articles at work, without it looking hugely obvious that you aren’t working.  See what we do for you? Ahead of the curve, that’s us…..

We’ve made a few changes around these parts so that, if you choose, you can gorge on IBWM in lots of new ways.  Chomp.

The IBWM Daily

Imagine a world where you could register your e-mail address and then each morning we would thrust a freshly baked, warm and still moist mail into your inbox containing the previous day’s articles.  Imagine no more dear reader, just head for the subscribe via e-mail page.  We’ll never share your mail address with anyone and you won’t have to darken our doors again.


Badly co-ordinated eye shadow and lipgloss combinations are no longer the primary reserve of Eastern European athletes from the mid 90’s.  We’ve bought a big bag of cheap make up from some bloke at the pub and tarted the IBWM rss feed up.  You can now read just about everything we publish via your rss reader and never visit the internet again.  If you’re a complete nerdy weirdo that is.


Following lengthy technical difficulties (we never bothered to do anything) we’ve now set up IBWM for Facebook.  Rest assured we’ll be shoving all sorts of football related stuff down your throat while looking at photographs of girls we went to school with to see if we should bother contacting them.  Please remember to like us, love us, take us to meet your parents, or whatever it is you do on Facebook.


Just the other day, we were peering over someone’s shoulder on a train.  We’ve been warned about this in the past, but this time, we didn’t get slapped.  The chap in front of us had one of those new fangled Kindle things, which he was reading from.  We don’t own a Kindle ourselves, but we’ve seen the ads on TV.  You can use these anywhere and dogs can lick them without dying*.  What a good idea.  IBWM on Kindle?  That’s an even better idea.

As IBWM is a fairly ‘wordy’ website, this looked to be a match made in heaven.  Or at least carriage C.  Flushed with smugness, we slapped our collective thigh and said “hot diggety, that will do for us!” or words/actions to that effect.  Just before being ejected at Doncaster.

So, if you are one of those wonderful and particularly good looking people with full eyebrows that own a Kindle, you can now subscribe to IBWM on it.  That means IBWM everywhere, wirelessly and without a second thought for canine slurpage.

More than forty thoroughly engaging football related articles each month from our hand picked army of talented wordmongers for, and get ready for this, LESS THAN £2 PER MONTH.

I’m sorry, did someone say, 40+ articles, that’s over 40,000 words, for less than £2 per month?  Crikey.

You can now take Sam Kelly, Adam Digby, Jack Lang, Iain Macintosh, Adam Bate, Natasha Henry, Andrew Thomas, Layla Carlsson, Stu Fuller and a host of other brilliant writers to the beach**, the train, hey, you can even get in bed with In Bed With Maradona…….just imagine slipping under a warm duvet being gently caressed by Ben Shave’s thoughts on Sporting Lisbon.  For less than the cost of a pint.  Wahey!

If you can find this sort of value anywhere else on planet earth, please do let us know, but in the meantime, we’d REALLY appreciate it if you would be good enough to download IBWM for your Kindle, like us on Facebook, subscribe to our daily e-mail and follow us on Twitter.  It’s more a civic duty than a choice.  And we’ll love you for it.  Always.

* IBWM has NOT been tested on animals.  The hamster was purchased for totally separate ‘research’ purposes.

** IBWM strongly recommends not taking Iain Macintosh to the beach.