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IBWM StaffComment

This is an important day for you.

Providing detailed analysis and featuring articles from the likes of Sid Lowe, Tim Vickery, Jonathan Wilson, David Conn and Brian Glanville, World Soccer is the oldest and most respected football magazine on the planet.  Now into its 51st year, World Soccer is read by thousands each month including players, coaches, managers and many of the most influential names in the beautiful game. 

IBWM is the award winning home of world football which reaches more than 150 countries and is visited by more people each week than you can cram into the Camp Nou on a matchday.

Sooner or later, we were going to have to get together.  And now we have.

IBWM and World Soccer want to collaborate with football writers from all four corners of the globe, including you.  Wherever you are based and whatever level of experience you can count on as a writer, we’d like to see what you have to offer. 

Each week several of IBWM’s best articles will be syndicated directly to a newly refurbished worldsoccer.com, the website that accompanies everyone’s favourite football magazine.  We’re offering you the opportunity to not only have your work published at IBWM, but also with World Soccer.  This is a chance for you to build a relationship with the most influential football publication available, a chance to have your articles read by thousands and get paid for what you write.

What should I write about?

Anything football related, past or present.  All articles will be considered and we maintain a global outlook.  Articles should be around 1000 words and we’re looking to cover anything and everything. 

We want to see articles featuring France, Turkey, the MLS, the Bundesliga, and La Liga.  Football in Italy, Croatia, Russia, Greece, Ghana, Ecuador, China, and Alaska.  Tell us about Panathanikos, Cowdenbeath, Malmo, Honved, Lazio, Zenit, Corinthians, Nagoya and every other club on the earth.  Give us stories on Rep, Iturbe, Platini, Cavani, Shackleton, Sneijder and any other players that you want to feature.   

You don’t need to be based in that country or region, or consider yourself an expert; we just want to share interesting and informative stories with our readers.  An assessment of Barcelona’s season might be good, but a review of Partizan Belgrade’s might be better.  Be different, get noticed.  Recent topics featured at IBWM have included tackling homophobia, a love affair with the Adidas Tango and the Vatican's Clericus Cup – in a nutshell, we’re open to anything. 

How often should I write?

We want to collaborate with talented writers that can contribute regular articles or offer one-off guest pieces. If you are a blogger, professional writer or journalist, want to break into the industry, raise your profile, or just enjoy writing about football, IBWM and World Soccer are here for you.

You mentioned getting paid, tell me more…..

Although IBWM won’t pay you directly, articles that are selected for publication by World Soccer will be rewarded.  In addition, we regularly syndicate articles to other media outlets that, if your piece is selected, will pay for your work.  Many of our writers receive paid work on the strength of articles they’ve written for IBWM.  We’ll do everything we can to get your work noticed and whatever you make is yours to keep, we don’t take a cut.  Not a penny.  Not a percentage. Nothing.  Nada.  Zilch.  It’s all yours. 

Is it just written pieces you want?

No. We’d love to publish your photographs, illustrations and artwork in our galleries page, with all links and pictures credited accordingly. Show your talents off. If you’ve a book to plug, let us know.   We also want the Video section of the site to be based on your recommendations. Find us a good video and we’ll feature it with your name and links up on site if you like. If you've found an amazing video on YouTube featuring players, matches, music, ad's from any era, or you've produced something yourself, don't sit still, share it with IBWM.

What do I do next?

Send us an article and we’ll get back to you.  If it’s selected for publication by World Soccer, they’ll be in touch.

How do I contact you?

Send articles, ideas for articles, links, pictures and questions to us via the IBWM contact page. We can't promise to publish everything we receive, but we will consider everything that comes in.  You can also contact us via twitter @inbedwimaradona.

What are you waiting for?

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