IBWM Staff1 Comment


IBWM Staff1 Comment

You can stay on the outside if you like, but.......

IBWM hasn’t won awards by accident, and we haven’t reached millions of readers in over 150 countries for nothing.  We can’t guarantee that IBWM is the most influential football website on the internet, but we’re definitely in the top one. 

IBWM features regularly on the BBC, ESPN and many other media networks across the globe.  Each week dozens of organisations contact us for information, opinion and analysis and our revolutionaries have infiltrated newspapers, websites, magazines, television and radio in lots of different countries.

The media is changing.  We’ve torn down the wall between mainstream media and independent blogs while maintaining traditional journalistic values.  The revolution is underway, IBWM is the front line.  Now is the time to join us.

IBWM wants you

We want to collaborate with talented writers, authors, journalists, bloggers, photographers and artists that can contribute regular articles or one-off guest pieces. We work closely with World Soccer magazine and a number of other media outlets around the world.  If you are a professional looking for a home, want to break into the industry, raise your profile, or just enjoy writing about football, IBWM is the best place you can be.  No experience is necessary and we don’t need your CV.

What should I write about?

It’s entirely up to you, as long as it is football related, past or present.  Any club, any country, any player, any match, any region, any continent, any era.  Articles should be around 1000 words minimum and we maintain a global outlook which encompasses anything and everything.  Only things to avoid are match reports and transfer stories.

Will I get paid?

IBWM can’t pay you directly…..yet, but writers that are selected for publication regularly by World Soccer will be rewarded.  In addition, we syndicate feature articles to other media outlets that, if your piece is selected, will pay for your work.  Many of our writers receive paid work on the strength of articles they’ve submitted to us.  We’ll link your site, blog, book or twitter on anything published.  If you write for IBWM you WILL get noticed.

What do I do next?

Send us an article, even if it has been published elsewhere, and we’ll get back to you.  You can use our contact page or mail us at writers@inbedwithmaradona.com.

We can't promise to publish everything we receive, but if you'd like the opportunity to feature alongside Dan Brennan, Iain Macintosh, Kay Murray, Dave Hartrick, Juliet Jacques, Adam Digby, Stuart Fuller, Jack Lang, Chris Nee, Sam Kelly, Ben Shave and three hundred other revolutionaries, get in touch.

This is your space. Join the revolution.