IBWM StaffComment


IBWM StaffComment

Over the last five years we’ve regularly received messages along the lines of; “I’d love to write something for you, but I’ve no idea what to write about!”

If you've ever found yourself faced with that conundrum, we're going to make things much easier for you…

IBWM Assignment is us narrowing the field of topic to a specific subject.  We’ll run these once or twice a year in addition to our usual request for your stories. The subject of the Assignment might be a football player, a club or a city.  We'll give you the cue and if you can come up with a story/angle that pricks our attention we'll publish your work as part of a set of articles on that theme.

So, what’s the subject of our first IBWM Assignment?

New York City.

No doubt the easiest thing is to look at the newly formed NYCFC or consider the impact made by Pelé at the Cosmos and Thierry Henry at the Red Bulls, but New York is a city with soccer hard wired into its DNA and we want to explore that.

The game arrived in the city, as it did in so many other places, via the waves of immigrants who flocked to the East Coast, bringing a love of football along with them.  As a result, a rich and varied assortment of soccer teams sparkled in the area long before the NASL became the epicentre of cool in the 1970’s.  Even today, the city is home to a multicultural array of clubs and institutions, large and small, newly formed or long established, that ensure the global game is as important in Manhattan as it is in Manchester, Milan or Madrid.

New York is the theme for our first IBWM Assignment but the angle that you use for your article is entirely up to you.  The city offers a myriad of fantastic footballing fables and we’d like to tap into what you know.  We are especially keen to hear more on women’s football in the city, the sport’s heritage, supporters groups and the more obscure links to soccer that the Big Apple holds.  

While our primary focus will be on soccer, we'll happily throw in a few curveballs too.  If you’ve something special on Woody Allen, Shirley Chisholm, Grandmaster Flash, Groucho Marx, Fats Waller or anything/anyone else connected to New York, we'd love to hear from you.  Be creative.

  1.  Articles should be a minimum of 1,500 words with no upper limit.
  2. We don't require a pitch, or a CV, just send something over.
  3. You don't need to be from New York to submit an article.
  4. You don't need to be a professional writer, anyone can submit.
  5. Deadline for submissions is Thursday, 23rd April 2015.
  6. We aim to publish early May.
  7. We can't guarantee to publish everything we receive, but we will read ALL submissions.
  8. Articles can be mailed to writers@inbedwithmaradona.com, or…
  9. You can submit using our contact page.

Get writing!

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