Every now and then we hand IBWM entirely over to you in the form of one of our assignments. In 2015 we asked for submissions for our New York and Sheffield Projects and in 2016 we profiled Milan. Early in 2017, we launched Marseille and you certainly didn't disappoint. 

So, where can we go next?

Buenos Aires.

Not just the most populous cities in all of Argentina, but home to one of football's most intense rivalries.  Buenos Aires' quality of life was ranked 81st in the World, but the quality on the pitch has always been second to none. 

Buenos Aires is the theme for our fifth IBWM Assignment - the first in South America -  but the angle that you use for your article is entirely your call.  The city offers a myriad of fantastic fables and we'd like you to explore them with us.

If you’ve something special on Superclásico, River Plate, Boca Juniors, the city's streets, youth development, our man Diego or anything/anyone else connected to Buenos Aires, we'd love to hear from you.  As always, be creative, get noticed.

Articles should be a minimum of 1,000 words with no upper limit.

We don't require a pitch or a CV, just send something over.

You don't need to be from Buenos Aires to submit an article.

You don't need to be a professional writer, anyone can submit.

Deadline for submissions is Sunday, 11th June 2017. We aim to publish in early July.

We can't guarantee to publish everything we receive, but we will read ALL submissions.

Articles can be emailed to editor@inbedwithmaradona.com, or you can submit using our contact page.

Get writing!

Header image credit goes fully to Rogério Tomaz Jr.