Rest of Europe

Red Bull. Cloning your club soon

Dehistoricization.  Dilution of cultural influence.  Football genocide.  Not phrases that tend to roll from the tongue of your average pundit.  But do they apply?  Read this by Robin Cowan and have a think.

Genk kids racing forward

There's something of a buzz in European football around a batch a starlets coming through for Belgium.  The 2012 European Championships may come a little early, but exciting times await.  Chris Mayer looks at a Belgian club harnessing the best of youth.

Aston Villa's greatest striker.....almost

Ok, so he wasn’t Harry Hampton, Tom Waring, Billy Walker or even Gary Shaw, but Aston Villa signed a fine player in 2000 that had all the attributes to become a legend at Villa Park.  Reflecting on a sad anniversary, IBWM welcomes Chris Mayer.