Norway and progressive thinking

Missing out on a major international tournament invariably leads to a period of soul searching.  Norway have some extremely talented players emerging, but harnessing them into a competitive side will still be a challenge.  Charlie Anderson looks to the future.

Why Denmark do and don’t function

Denmark's hopes of reaching the 2012 European Championships received a Portugal sized dent in Porto last week.  Despite some talented players, this doesn't  look like a Danish vintage.  Charlie Anderson thinks it still could be.

At the crossroads

Times are changing in Scandinavia and a heavy reliance on the old guard is coming to an end for Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland and Iceland.  Ahead of the next round of internationals, Charlie Anderson reflects on the changes.

Welcome to Scandinavia

Every year dozens of South American, African and Eastern European players arrive in Scandinavia.  The best usually leave for Europe’s bigger leagues, which results in eventful and often quite exciting seasons as teams change.  IBWM welcomes Charlie Anderson as our guide to Scandinavian football.