IBWM StaffComment


IBWM StaffComment


Spotted these tasty little peaches - and the correct term here is Raglan - back on general release over at bumpypitch.com

If you’re not familiar with BP, we’d strongly advise you to get over to the the original winger blog for more info.  Here’s the skinny on the Raglan anyway:

Often times when we make a particular product, it’s a one time only type of release. Call it limited edition or whatever you want, but much of the time we just never plan on doing multiple runs of the same product. That was the plan with the BPFC Raglan when we released it. It was going to be limited to the one run and once it was done, well it was done.

But after a lot of emails and requests to bring it back, we decided to do so. Only difference this time around is we have added a second colourway in an “eco black.” Both colours are now up on the Bumpy Pitch web store and available for sale.