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IBWM StaffComment

Everyone saw ‘that’ goal celebration and those crazy cats from Stjarnan FC are back doing some stuff for the folk at Nivea.  Here’s the word:

Paul Gascoigne’s ‘dentist chair’ at Euro ’96; Bebeto’s ‘rocking baby’ at World Cup ’94; Ryan Giggs’ topless touchline run against Arsenal – all classic goal celebrations that live long in the memory.

 But now the greatest football celebrators of them all – YouTube sensations Stjarnan FC – have been enlisted by Nivea for Men’s Great Football Experiment to teach football teams across the UK how to celebrate Icelandic style.

Stjarnan FC became overnight celebrities with their elaborate goal celebrations such as the ‘Human Bicycle’, ‘Rambo’ and the all-time classic, the ‘Catch the Fish’, which clocked up over 3 million views on YouTube. As a result of their new-found fame, the Icelanders were asked to create a series of brand new goal celebrations for the Great Football Experiment’s, Ivory FC, especially for their game against a team of England Legends at the end of November.

 Should they score against the England Legends, the Ivory FC boys can expect to be performing future classics such as ‘The Cowboy’, ‘The Lazy Boy’ and ‘The Penguin’. In addition to the new celebrations, Stjarnan FC also taught Ivory FC their classic ‘Catch the Fish’, ready to unleash on the Brentwood Sunday League 1st Division.

Nivea for Men enlisted the help of Stjarnan FC to work on Ivory FC’s goal celebrations after manager Terry Venables, involved with the project alongside Ray Wilkins and Ray Clemence, declined the same invitation. Venables commented: “As much as I’d love to have given the Ivory Boys my advice, after the trouble Gazza got me into in ’96 with his infamous dentist chair goal celebration, I felt it best to stay well clear.”

Johann Laxdal, of Stjarnan FC, said: “Goal celebrations in the UK are really boring; they’re nearly always the same – either sliding along the floor, or running to the crowd like Alan Shearer. Now that the Ivory FC boys are scoring more, they need some proper goal celebrations so we’ve given them three new ones to get them started – all future classics.”

Will Rockett, manager of Ivory FC, said: “Having seen Stjarnan doing their thing on YouTube, it’s been amazing to have them come down to teach us their goal celebrations. Now that we’ve got the ‘Catch the Fish’ and some new ones learnt, we’ve just got to make sure we score a goal against the England Legends!”

More information on the Nivea Great Football Experiment, plus the latest webisodes, can be found at: http://www.niveaformen.co.uk/nivea_for_men_england_cooperation/thegreatfootballexperiment.html