IBWM StaffComment


IBWM StaffComment

Zaragoza based photographer Diego Vivanco:

Football landscapes are present in every corner of our urban and rural environments. Devotion for the game is such that one can find playing fields or football elements in unexpected places, adapting or merging to the surrounding environment.

The presence of these football landscapes show the true, everyday essence and reality of a sport, far away from the modern image portrayed in the media today. Authentic football can be found in Sunday leagues, barren pitches, and games devoid of spectators, never ending days of youth team matches and improvised fields of play.

These photographs aim to reflect the true nature of the game and its relationship with its players, followers and the environment. It’s a rarely reflected vision of the game, a thankless and neglected version of football, yet lived every weekend in all corners of the world.

This project was born to pay tribute to those that truly keep the game alive.

You can view Football Landscapes here and be sure to visit Diego's website.