IBWM StaffComment


IBWM StaffComment

A familiar Rorschach butterfly sits at the centre under the title ‘Inkblot #19’ but at its head a young man stands with arms aloft, clapping the England fans that have just witnessed one of the greatest games in their nation’s football history.  The player? Paul Gascoigne. The moment? The epic semi-final of Italia’90 that had just seen England lose at the hands of familiar foes.

Oh, this is also a t-shirt from Goalsoul.

Based in Sheffield, they’re offering spirit and style from the birthplace of football as we know it today. Subjects range from Rivelino to Roy Keane, from Paul McGrath to Andoni Goikoetxea. These are not your usual takes on familiar subjects, each design crafted to represent the very essence of the player, team, match or incident involved. With most available as prints to hang on your wall as well as t-shirts to make your wardrobe ‘football-cool’, we at IBWM would place good money you’re going to love them just as much as we do.

Now the IBWM team is biased and we are contractually obliged to declare the Maradona design is beautiful. Beyond Diego though, we were forced to part with our hard-earned as we saw some of the others on offer. With a new website and a larger range, we reckon we’ve just picked out one of the very best ways to spend some of your hard-earned.

You’re welcome people.

You can see the full range from Goalsoul here.