IBWM StaffComment


IBWM StaffComment

We’ve already highlighted the new Nike “My Time is Now” digital film, and you've probably seen it, but couldn’t quite get our head around what the 'tunnels' were that the video referred to.

As it turns out, the hidden tunnels off the main digital film lead viewers to content in a unique interactive way, so long as they have the hunger and desire to search for it. 

An interactive film sees Pep Guardiola leave his seat in the middle of a France vs. Holland match.  Fresh from taking notes about the game, Guardiola takes us through a humorous slide show of life at the FC Barcelona Academy. It seems too good to be true, complete with water slides and a life of fun leisure for the young players. Of course, as Pep reminds us, this isn’t how great players and teams are built. He quickly takes his audience back to the reality of the hunger and desire young players need to succeed as the presentation ends and Guardiola takes his seat again at the game.  

Pep's tunnel is around 00:26, click here to see if you can find that and the rest.