IBWM StaffComment


IBWM StaffComment

We know that the media is changing, and while we’ll still fight doggedly to make sure that printed magazines never die, we do get very excited by innovative new e-publications*.

Innovative certainly springs to mind when casting an eye over Orange Crush, the first and only iPad magazine to showcase Dutch football for its devoted fans at home and abroad.  OC is the brainchild of Ernst Bouwes, a good friend of IBWM, and plans to relive the memory of Totalfootball in pictures and stories, as well as focussing on the mad world of the Eredivisie today.   

Uncovering the untold history of the Dutch team, the nation’s players and those famous coaches, Orange Crush not only looks great, but is packed with some exceptional content too and contributors so far include Uli Hesse and Harry Pearson.

Well worth checking ahead of the Holland v Germany game, Orange Crush is available to download from the app store for only €0,79. 

You can find out more by visiting the Orange Crush Facebook page or by following @TotalfootballNL on Twitter.

*E-publications IS a word.....Isn’t it?