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IBWM StaffComment

Euro 72, the fourth European Championship, was held in Belgium between 14 and 18 June, 1972.

I’m sorry, can you say that again?

Yep, you heard right.  14 to 18 June.  Four days.

Euro 72 was a very different animal to the international extravaganza we know today.  Qualifying groups still existed, eight of them, but before heading for a final destination, the group winners would need to navigate a two legged quarter final.  The location of the final and semi-final would depend on who qualified too.

And so, on April 29 1972, something of a watershed occurred.  West Germany, who had topped Group 8, took to the field against England at Wembley Stadium for their quarter final.  Germany won the game 3-1 with goals from Hoeness, Netzer and Der Bomber himself, Gerd Muller, but the result is considered a pivotal moment in German football with the belief instilled from the win acting as a springboard for Germany winning the final of Euro 72 against Russia, before going on to clinch the World Cup in 1974.

To offer a flavour of Euro 1972, we’ve collaborated with our good friends at Colorsport again and are very pleased to present the Euro 72 gallery, a set of images which really bring the final matches to life.  All of the images featured are available to buy as high quality prints from Colorsport, and if you can find a better set or pictures to adorn your living room wall, then please let us know.

Check out the Euro 72 Gallery here.