IBWM StaffComment


IBWM StaffComment

Few brands run marketing campaigns quite as slick as Umbro and the latest instalment of the 'Faces of England' promotion presses all the right buttons.

Following on from Paul Gascoigne as the current face of England is Damon Albarn.  One of the leading creative forces of his generation,  Albarn has had a lasting impact on English music, first of all as the frontman of indie legends Blur, and then as the main creative force behind The Good, The Bad, The Queen and the globally renowned supergroup Gorillaz. He’s also found the time to write two acclaimed operas, produce a number of celebrated albums, and head up a record label.  His take:

“Football is a massive part of our culture and I’ve always been under the spell of the theatre of it. It’s my default, being English and wearing the England shirt always builds on that sense of identity.”

When asked what it meant to be English, Albarn added; “Being English is a very multicultural experience, England is a gateway to the world and I love the cornucopia of it.”

Thankfully, we also have an excuse to play this, Blur's finest moment...

You can pick up the England shirt from Umbro.