IBWM StaffComment


IBWM StaffComment

We’ve all been there and had the arguments - “they” should sort it out. Someone, somewhere, should do something about it……

Without supporters getting organised, getting vocal, and getting involved in real numbers, little will change. For the first time the UK’s two national supporters’ organisations - the Football Supporters’ Federation (FSF) and Supporters Direct (SD) - have formally joined forces for their annual conference. The Fans’ Weekend 2012 begins in London on Saturday 7 July.

The big debates which could change the game are happening now and there’s never been a better time to shape them. For example, there’s been more development on safe standing in the past 12 months than there had been in the previous 12 years with the Scottish Premier League and Aston Villa publicly backing the trial of German-style safe standing areas.

Away from the matchday experience, the Culture, Media, and Sport Select Committee’s report into football governance looked at FA reform, debt and insolvency, supporter ownership, club licensing and more. The response of the football authorities fell short of what the FSF and SD wanted to see.

While the words “football governance” don’t exactly set the pulse racing they suddenly matter if some nightmare of an owner decides to pillage your club. Just ask supporters of Chester City, Darlington, Leeds United, Liverpool, Northwich Victoria, or Portsmouth if they think it’s important (and apologies to fans of the dozens of other clubs we could’ve cited).

You can read more and register to attend here.