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IBWM StaffComment

Football can inspire children (and adults) to pick up a ball and run out the front door, but it also can inspire an artist to pick up a brush and record their passion on canvas.

It was the idea of merging the world of futbol and art that launched the Futbol Artist Network. The project, which premiered recently at Newport Beach, California by Trevor Slavick, seeks to capture the “beautiful game” through beautiful art.  Artists from around the world, including some current and former professional players, are creating works of art that capture the spirit of futbol and their passion for the sport.

United States National Team player Brek Shea created their first design and the latest shirt is the work of an unnamed London street artist with vision from retired player Kyle Martino who provided commentary for NBC Olympic soccer. 

Kyle Martino: My love with soccer was nourished outside the lines. I could turn anything into a soccer field and found great joy in striking up a game whenever and wherever I could. The game within the game was what I truly loved though. One on one battles. The one thing I loved most about the game, which is the one thing I miss on a daily basis was taking players on. Outwitting and outmaneuvering them with creations I developed by watching the greats and making their moves my own.

With that said, I love graffiti street art and am fascinated with artist like Banksy. There is irreverence in their art that I felt I had in my game. I think it would be cool to try and bring a street art type design of a player taking someone on that jumps off the wall.

The word "CREATE" on the back of the shirt like would be a cool way to tie in the importance of the word as it pertained to my playing style and my fascination with street art. I had a coach tell me when I was younger "Think, act, be creative" and it stuck with me through my career.  Would be a great double meaning.

You can see the latest projects at The Futbol Artist Network.