In the first three weeks since opening, the National Football Museum in Manchester has received a huge amount of visitors, and some fantastic feedback about so much of the museum. But it's the changing exhibitions on Level 3 that have really surprised and delighted many.

A good friend of IBWM, Stuart Clarke's Homes of Football exhibition, featuring 60 images picked (from his archive of 100'000 photographs taken across the world over the last 23 years) by Stuart and designer Wayne Hemingway, brilliantly captures the changing faces of football support. His pictures of neglected grounds and half-empty stadia, alongside supporters engrossed in the game, have been triggering not just nostalgia but more emotional responses from both football and photography fans.

Stuart also has a new website where you can see some of his most iconic images, click here for a gander......oh, and don't forget to check out the Gallery Stuart put together for us in 2011.

AuthorIBWM Staff