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IBWM StaffComment

A couple of years ago, it was reported in an article that Gigi Buffon has signed a deal with PokerStars.com to become an ambassador for their poker site.  At the time of the singing, many had speculated that this signing had signaled that Gigi was about to wrap up his football career and we may soon see the greatest goalkeeper in the history of the game leave Juventus.  Apparently Gigi didn't get that memo.

Much of this speculation could have revolved around the fact that he was coming back from injury in 2010 and missed half of the Serie A season.  However, by the time the 2011-2012 rolled around, Gigi was back in rare form.  At one point, he was averaging just one goal every two matches and he led Juventus to an unbeaten season and an appearance in the UEFA Champions League.  Also, let's not forget the 2012 Supercoppa Italiana Final victory against Napoli, allowing Gigi to hoist his first trophy since becoming team Captain.

Then look at his performances during Euro 2012.  He had clean sheets against both Ireland and England and didn't give up a goal to Germany until the 92nd minute.  He led Italy all the way to the finals where they fell to Spain.  Even so, with their finals appearance in Euro 2012, the Italian National Team will now play in the 2013 Confederations Cup, all thanks for the leadership and outstanding play of Gigi.

How has Gigi's poker career been thus far?  Far less impressive than the last two years on the field, that is for sure.  While he may have led Italy to the Euro 2012 finals, he has yet to cash in big tournaments like this one and while he shows promise in his online play, it is clear to everyone that his passion is still for football.  While Gigi may at some point make the transition from football to the world of professional poker, there are no indications at present that the transition will be anytime soon.