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IBWM StaffComment

Quiet British Accent is artist/designers Jason Gale and Sharon Gale. The duo use their collective skills to create idiosyncratic art and design that is immersed in the culture of sport; using either sporting stories as subject matter, or the visual language of sport to express non-sporting topics.

'Stand up' is a new series of four 297 x 420mm stencilled artworks from Quiet British Accent, inspired by football activism and injustices. It's a series of signed, numbered editions of 50 of each artwork, on Somerset 250gsm velvet archival cotton stock.

The Outcasts

After disagreements over maximum wages and compensation, the English F.A. ordered all players to leave the fledgling players union, the AFPU, in 1909. The whole Manchester United team refused and were subsequently suspended. They trained alone and became known as The Outcasts FC. When the F.A. backed down on union membership, the Manchester United team wore AFPU armbands to the first match of following season.

Imagine a footballer

When Brazil held its first election after two decades of military dictatorship, midfielder Sócrates led the Corinthians football team out onto the pitch wearing DIA 15 VOTE (vote on the 15th) on their shirts. Sócrates had previous for this sort of thing, leading the innovative Democracia Corinthiana movement which challenged the traditional management of a football club. Oh, and John Lennon was one of his heroes.

The F.A. owes women's football

When the F.A. put the squeeze on women's football by banning women from using all League grounds in 1921, women's premier team, Dick, Kerr Ladies, were regularly attracting bigger crowds than men's football. The ban lasted for 50 years and women's football has struggled in England ever since, only recently regaining some media attention.

I may be under surveillance

If you're a football fan that goes to away games, chances are you've been filmed by the police at some point. If you're used to being treated like a criminal at matches, consider supporting the Football Supporters' Federation at: http://www.fsf.org.uk/campaigns/Watching-football-is-not-a-crime.php

The prints are available individually at £25, or as a set of four for £80 with added 'Stand up, I do like a good protest' stencil (128 x 196mm) here: http://shop.quietbritishaccent.com/

For further information: http://www.quietbritishaccent.com/Stand-Up